Replacing the Academic excellence by the Educational excellence for the present and future welfare of the humankind is the UNACCO SCHOOL’s philosophy. Academic excellence only is not sufficient for an individual to face the ever changing challenges. Educational excellence, a combination of all excellent qualities of an individual can be imparted to a child by providing a planned education system which will benefit the child at the time of his/her coming out of school.

UNACCO SCHOOL aims at creating the lifetime learners to have positive and peaceful thoughts in their minds, and contribute effectively to make the future of humankind strong, positive and peaceful. It, therefore, necessitates to build up unique infrastructures to render excellent education to its students. UNACCO SCHOOL is ready to provide responsible and meaningful education to all its students.

UNACCO SCHOOL is run by UNACCO Social Development Trust. The school is being governed by its Governing Body consisting of a number of experienced and socially reputed persons with their strong backgrounds of education. The Advisory Council of the school will also render supportive and advisory role to the Governing Body.

The Managing Committee of the UNACCO SCHOOL will execute, all the related works of the school, as decided by the Governing Body, under the supervision of the Advisory Council.

The School was founded in 2021. It is English Medium Co-Educational Day-Cum- Boarding affiliated to Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur with code no. PHS/0133/2021 vide council order No. 1/96/96/-HSC(Vol. VIII) dated : 7th July, 2021. The school is a Higher Secondary School having separate Hostel facility for Boys and girls.


The school aims is to create
a) a happy, caring and co-operative school community, which celebrates learning in all of its forms.
b) a welcoming and exciting learning environment where we provide a rich, diverse and challenging education through excellent and innovative teaching and learning, celebrate success, promote a “can do” attitude and inspire each to achieve their best
c) a secure and stimulating environment to:

  1. Support the individual needs of pupils
  2. Give every child a chance to sample a great variety of activities
  3. Give every child confidence and a sense of achievement. Make learning as enjoyable as possible
  4. Give each child experience both of working individually and of co-operating in groups of different sizes
  5. Give each child a sense of responsibility to and for others
  6. Encourage and expect all children to be decent, honest, friendly, reliable and caring

Our Values

Excellence in learning: Our students are encouraged to work effectively and willingly in collaboration with others and to become responsible, self‐confident individuals, independent lifelong learners and to acquire and apply a diverse range of transferable skills.

Excellence in teaching: Our staff are valued and regularly undertake professional development. They are flexible, adaptable and ready to take on new roles and responsibilities. They aspire to motivate and inspire our students and to be positive role models for them. They seek to develop relationships with the local community and with other schools nationally and internationally and keep abreast of educational changes.

Educational values: We take the best values from the National Curriculum and the modern pedagogy from the west. We believe in skills‐based learning to support the acquisition of knowledge. Co‐curricular activities enhance the education provided at Unacco.

Pastoral values: Strong emphasis is placed on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship resulting in care both for ourselves, our own community and the wider world beyond.

Wider world perspective: We aim for all members of our community to be open minded, co‐operative and welcoming and to respect themselves and others.

21st Century values: We aim to be forward thinking, adaptable to change and are committed to developing our use of the modern technologies. Throughout our community we aim to instil the values of caring for each other and also caring for the environment. We are a responsible institution and aim to prepare our students for challenging times.


The school is located just beside the ImphalChurachandpur highway at a distance of about 2 kilometres from the Imphal International Airport ,Imphal. It is connected with all weathered motorable roads. A variety of conveyance e.g. taxis, auto-rickshaws & local buses etc. are available from the school for commuting to Imphal City.